Les Oiseaux du Paradis, an unique aerial ballet, the only one in the world, was created at the end of the year 2000.

After her teaching morning in an elementary school, Elsie went to Mathieu’s training studio to give him advice on artistic gestures in his solo act.

During his training, his phone rang….It was a german producer , Harald Jacobs from CIRC company. He wanted to know if Mathieu could perform with other artists on his rotating pole, like creating a trio or at the limit, a duet would be ok.

Mathieu assured him that it was truly possible to create a duo in 8 weeks time. That been said, the producer was really pleased because  he announced that the new duo would have the possibility to perform for a royal wedding in Mumbai, India, on an outside venue on the sea shore.

Listening to their phone conversation, Elsie imagined the days that would follow to audition many artists and find the ideal partner for Mathieu. She was far from thinking that Mathieu would look at her and say:

-“Ok Elsie Morin, you have 8 weeks to become a professional artist on the rotating pole”….

-“Joke?”I said, ” have you seen me train like crazy since I gave birth one year ago?”

” Well, it starts now my dear”, he answered.

8 weeks later, 15 pounds lighter and bruises everywhere, the duo started to look like something…. A video cassette (yup video tape) was sent, by express mail, to the producer and….Yes, it made it!

Wanting to save the choreography on the computer that controls the pole, Mathieu asked:

“How do we name our aerial ballet? Find a title….”

At the same time, a friend walked in the training studio with a bouquet of Elsie’s favorite flowers: ” Oiseaux du Paradis” ( Birds of Paradise).

On December 17, 2000, in Mumbai, India, Les Oiseaux du Paradis spell bounded their audience for the first time, outside, beside the sea…..It was simply magic!

That’s the Hollywood side.

Back stage of this first contract:

Arriving in Mumbai with missing luggages….and missing the principal piece of the equipment: the motor.It finally arrived 24h later!…..Broken…..

This first year led to many great opportunities like the Summit of the Americas in Quebec, Canada, the IIFA in Sun city, South Africa, a two months contract in Tokyo, Japan, a wedding in London with special guest Sir Elton John, and a three months contract in the beautiful historical Varieté in Berlin, Germany, The Wintergarten.

This was the beginning of a great adventure!


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