One of our last event in India was for an extraordinary wedding celebration (Sangeet) that took us in Agra. Just beside the famous TAJ MAHAL, this historical rural little city has nice hotels but unfortunately, they do not come equipped with 5 stars restaurants. For foreigners, that can be a real challenge…

We had the privilege to meet TOP Chef Jerson Fernandes, who has won many awards for his art of cooking.

At that time, he worked for the Mango chain Hotels in India. He goes from one hotel to the other and while he’s there for a few days, he cooks for the hotel guests. We were really fortunate to be there at the same time as he was!

He gave us an advice that wherever you are in a small Indian city, don’t eat anything else than well cooked chicken. So we ate butter chicken, masala chicken, and chicken, chicken and chicken in every possible way for breakfast, lunch and dinner …. yes chicken everyday in all meals. aoutchh … His advice payed off … we stayed healthy during the entire journey and in perfect shape to perform for the show.

Believe us, going back home, we ate everything but not chicken for 2 weeks ;-))

Before leaving Agra, Chef Jerson Fernandes prepared for us some fresh chicken masala spices.

The recipe is very easy:
1- Cover the chicken with masala spices and sour cream.
2- Let it stay overnight in the refrigerator.
3- Bake it at 350 for 45 minutes to an hour. Delicious!

Very soon in our next topic on Indian food, Chef Jerson Fernandes will give away other amazing Indian recipes that you can cook yourself at home… stay tune

You can follow Chef Jerson on his Facebook page

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