Just besides the famous Taj Mahal in Agra, one of the 7 wonders of the world, an extraordinary Indian wedding ” Sangeet ceremony ” took place.

For the occasions, the organizer was inspired by different world beauties, they settled a huge decor, big sofas surrounded by 33 feet high curtains so that anyone could chill-out under the beautiful sky, filled with stars … Little villages were builded reminding the south of France.

A giant cathedral was set as a background for the symphony orchestra. To serve drinks and cocktails, an enormous bar structure reminded  the Miami beaches luxury resorts. Even a grandiose tree, handmade with real GOLD leaves was set-up to welcome the guests.

Huge candlesticks, colourful stained glass with millions of real roses columns, surrounded the dinner aera where LODP had the honour to performed 4 different acts (with Bollywood, classical, rhythmic and romance musical themes) throughout the evening.

They received over 2000 VIP’s from all over the world.

Food wise, you could eat pretty much anything possible… From an original Italian pizza cooked from a wood stove, to a typical Japanese sushi and Swiss raclette.

An abundance of delicious India curry spices,  tikka masala, plus a huge variety of exotic fruits from real remote places like Madagascar. And for sure … all kind of sweets and desserts imaginable. Well… the night was planned to meet everyone’s expectations. And it surely did!

Hooo yes… the little video below is one of our drive ride from the Taj Mahal to our hotel…
a real crazy one.

Our personal driver decided to make a short cut and drive on the biggest highway in Agra … BUT on the opposite direction … at the end …  we did reach the hotel safely … nevertheless, a simple advice… don’t drive in India 😉

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