In many cases, planners want to mesmerize their clients and guests with an aerial show experience. They want the live performance to take place in an unconventional location or special venue, like: a museum, a restaurant, a garden, a sanctuary or something else.

Most often, it’s simply impossible to meet aerial shows technical requirements, it’s too complicated, and there are security issues and sometime …it can be very costly.

LODP brings a solution with their specialized engineering equipment using cutting edge technologies and simplicity that allows to technically set-up virtually anywhere at low cost.

No matter the ceiling height, room dimensions and space available… there are a thousand ways to technically set-up the equipment, have LODP perform an amazing aerial show experience and mesmerize everyone like never before.

Technical solutions breakdown :

NO CEILING ANCHOR POINT… No … All anchor points are always attached below the top of the pole. Therefore, most of time, THE ANCHOR POINTS ARE SET-UP ON THE FLOOR ITSELF.

and YES … it’s very unusual for an aerial show.

The anchor points can be :

  • OPTION 1 – SELF ANCHOR POINTS SYSTEM (provided by LODP and Engineering Certifie);
  • OPTION 2 – MECHANICAL ANCHOR POINTS (provided by LODP and Engineering approval);
  • OPTION 3 – Pillar, column, mezzanine, stairs ramp, etc… (approved by LODP and security warranty).
  • OPTION 4 – The combination or a mix of option 1,2 and 3 can be used according to the situation.

Down below, find pictures, examples and details about anchor point options.
Note that during the show, 4 different points need to be attached.

OPTION 1 – SELF ANCHOR POINTS SYSTEM (Provided by LODP and Engineering approval).

Easy to set-up and works very well in protected locations like : museum, hotel ballroom, convention center, airplane garage or private house. Does not live any traces or marks after being used… works on carpet, wood, ceramic, ciment.

The self anchor points system is a special plate with a sticky side carefully putted on the floor.
250 kilos / 500 LBS  of weights are added on the plate.

The plate can be installed and hidden under  a dinner table or set-up around if needed.

OPTION 2 : MECHANICAL ANCHOR POINTS (provided by LODP and Engineering approved).

The mechanical anchor points can be  installed in buildings that have concrete floors (slab). Covered or uncovered with carpet, wood or anything else. Types of suitable location: Hotel ball room.

After being installed and used, the building structure’s integrity is guarantied.
The carpet looks and stability are also UNCOMPROMISED.

OPTION 3 : Pillar, column, mezzanine and stairs ramp, door, other structures, three and stick in the ground.

Using what is available in the environment to pull a minimum with a STATIC tension ( not a sudden chock ) of  250 Kilos / 500 LBS.

Seems a lot, but it’s the same  as 3 person pulled together in a  STATIC tension (not a sudden chock ) and nothing moves, then, it’s feasible and secure.




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