Coming from all over the world, Kraft president’s club members were invited to gather in Montreal and Quebec City during a 4 days Incentive program, meticulously planned by Alexander deHilster and his great team from Meetings & Incentives Worldwide.

All amazing pictures were taken by Gaëlle Vuillaume


Arriving at Montreal international airport, everyone was escorted by limousine at the
Ritz-Carlton Hotel to enjoy their  own individual suite, rest, shower and enjoy a glass of champagne. Bota Bota was their next appointment… for massage treatment and spa.

Relaxed … the guests were brought back with a personal car service to the Ritz-Carton Hotel and got together in the hospitality suite to enjoy an amazing cocktail, filled with refine champagne.

Getting ready for the dinner evening , the group moved to Galerie MX. The guest were greeted with a 3 courses services.

To finish the first day beautifully, the guests were transferred to Montreal house of Jazz for great fun !


After breakfast … everyone went to have a ride with Lachine Jet Boating rapids for excitement 😉 All wet, the guests went back to the hotel for a quick change… and got ready for a fancy dinner on a quiet cruise ship.

Le bateau mouche : The pleasure of cruising is combined with the splendour of the St. Laurence seaway and the charming surrounding islands of Montreal. While contemplating Montreal’s wonders, they were once again served a delicious on board dinner.


Moving from Montreal to Quebec City on board by Via Rail private train cabin. Planned so everyone enjoyed a magnificent countryside view.

Arriving in Quebec city, all guests went to the Fairmont Le chateau Frontenac and enjoyed a splendid personal suite waiting for them. After resting a few hours, everyone was kindly asked to go down in the Fairmont Le chateau Frontenac Ballroom for a 9 course dinner evening… all carefully cooked by the famous chef Stéphane Modat.


Morning Tasting Tour of various world-class Restaurant in downtown Quebec City.

The afternoon was planned to digest everything ingested prior … A trip to the Via Ferrata and Zipline at Mont Sainte-Anne canyon, a flavor trail of the Islands on a sailing boat and a panoramic bicycle tour of the old city.

Going back to their hotel room for a private Tuxedos and Gowns fitting… everyone was getting ready for the final gala evening. Treated to an elegant ride on horse carriages from the hotel to the Musée de l’Amérique Française gorgeous Chapel Hall, a very special entertainment experience was planned.

Very well organized and synchronized between Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac TOP catered services Team and LODP – LES OISEAUX DU PARADIS entertainment team, the evening was perfect.

The guests entered the Chapel and the organist started playing themed music from the 17 and 18 century “époque”.

Right after the first course service, 15 feet over the heads of their spellbound audience, LODP – LES OISEAUX DU PARADIS created an astonishing and delicate“Aerial pas de Deux” that brought a joyful experience.

Then, the following delicious food service went on with the main course : Roast doe tenderloin, potato, slated morels and lardons, royal sauce with foie gras and cocoa.

Finally, LODP – LES OISEAUX DU PARADIS artists re-appeared to performed their main show. Generating a ¨tour de force¨ that attracted everyone’s attention, they blew away the minds and  mesmerized their guests like never before.

Thank you to Productions Wild Box for the great show video footage below.

Overwhelmed by the show, the president finally gave the Awards to his team as everyone tasted the amazing Maple and white chocolate crunch, maple caramel and cognac mousse.

To finish-up the evening, the group was moved to the Concorde Hotel for a final celebratory drink with a 360-degrees view of the city.


  1. Katia Wasilewski

    Un Grand Bravo à Mathieu et Elsie pour leur spectacle! Nous avons été époustouflé par leur performance sur le stage. Leur numéro est envoûtant et romantique. Leur facilité à danser dans les airs est incroyable.
    La salle tout entière a été plongé dans leurs univers.
    Je garde un très beau souvenir de ce show qui nous a réellement fait perdre la notion du temps.

    Merci et encore bravo pour votre travail !

  2. Vanessa Côté

    Félicitation à Mathieu et Elsie pour leur performance grandiose lors de cet événement à La Chapelle du Musée de l’Amérique Francophone!! Les Oiseaux du Paradis est un spectacle unique et nous n’aurions pu choisir autre chose pour ce genre de soirée!! Les attentes du client étaient très hautes et ils ont réussi sans équivoque à attirer tous les regards sur leur performance. Mes clients ont été époustouflé par l’aisance et la grâce des ces 2 artistes, malgré le niveau de difficulté présenté dans ce ballet aérien. Je tiens à vous remercier, une fois de plus, d’avoir contribué au succès de l’événement! Au plaisir de collaborer à nouveau!

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