We met LOTTA & PASCAL for the first time in 2000 during a very special event,

Lotta Svalberg & Pascal Sani

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The event took place on a NAVY base outside by the sea, in Mumbai, India… it was spectacular!

The event producer Manu Blancquaert from ” Prime Event ” in Belgium created the show for 700 V.V.I.P guests. 

For us, a real dream came trough… traveling together, internationally, for the first time, performing LES OISEAUX DU PARADIS with the most south after and renowned artists…. and Lotta Svalberg and Pascal Sani were part of the them.

Since this journey, we had the chance to follow their development and work several times with them around the world

With their experience “over 30 years” LOTTA & PASCAL are truly accomplished artists, as well as dancers, choreographers, stage directors, actors and costume designers in one. Together, They builted their own brand ” Extra-Energy-Dance “. wich stands for: Our life is a stage!


Lotta has had solo dance engagements and performed leading roles in various theatres like the Royal Swedish Ballet, Landes Theater Linz/Austria and in theatres all over Germany and in Hawaii.
She has received a nomination from The Queen of Sweden and won a coveted prize at the Finnish dance competition in Kuopio.

Her performance was nominated as the »Best Act« at car shows in Dubai and in Istanbul for her unique dance choreographies. She has performed as a dancer and an actor in feature films in Sweden and in Germany.

Pascal is a well known dancer and choreographer who has performed at theaters and galas all over the world.
He has had solo dance engagements and performed leading roles in various theaters like Maurice Bejart’s famous »Ballet of the XXth Century«, Ballet van Vlanderen, theaters in Linz and Innsbruck (Austria), Zürich (Schweiz), and Köln, Düsseldorf, Bonn (Germany) amongst others. 
He has received several prices in La Rochelle in France, Dubai and Germany for his dance and choreography.

Together they created over ” 19 different ACTS ” and make each performance an unforgettable poetry in motion.

As extraordinary humains being, LOTTA & PASCAL are conscious of every details and have constantly innovative ideas !!

We simply recommend them to anyone who need an unforgettable entertainment experience.


  1. Lotta Svalberg & Pascal Sani

    A big thank you to our friends and world class artists, Elsie & Mathieu, for writing this blog about us.
    To captivate an audience and to be able to offer the audience a magic moment,
    we need to set our body and soul in harmony.
    It takes a lot of patience, thoughts, hard training and continous work to be 100 % “in the now”,
    to be able to reach that “magic feeling” during a performance.
    Elsie and Mathieu really knows how to do that.
    We are glad to have been performing in several high class events with them and we hope for many more still to come.

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