The World Formula 1 Grand Prix that includes motorsports, drivers, companies, sponsorships, innovative technologies, business, lifestyle, very influential people, trends and entertainment is covered by The Paddock Magazine

Putting together an extraordinary show for the elite always represents an enormous challenge.

The Paddock Magazine

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Today we witness more personalized spectator experiences all around us, with each event representing a one-of-a-kind show for everyone that is attending. Formula 1 is no exception.

With the mass media everywhere, our marketing strategies involve one-on-one communication. It becomes essential in our entertainment industry.
Even with the super high-tech tools that allows us to reach 1000 people in a single click … each person must feel special and unique every time we get it touch with them.

After a very successful customized show production presented by Les Oiseaux du Paradis at the Fairmont Monté-Carlo in Monaco for a private event sponsored by IBM, I shared the news with our network.  

A few days later, I received a reply from the Managing Director of Paddock Magazine. 

QUOTE ….  ” Thanks for your email. I have cc’d your email to our editor – let’s see if we can feature you in the magazine or our website.”

A few days later …

QUOTE … “Hello, dear Mathieu, I didn’t have time to look at it yet – we’re extremely busy with the publishing of our current edition. Let me contact you in about a week or so and we can definitely talk about the collaboration. A pleasure, thank you!”

Then….  this email followed :

QUOTE …”I was thinking about a possible article together. How about something about the entertainment side of motorsports? Could you talk about the tendencies in the market, prospects for the future or changes in the recent years? “

Surely we did the interview, the questions and answers were relevant and the article came on !

It’s an honour for Les Oiseaux du Paradis to have been chosen by The Paddock magazine to cover this topic ( read the article ).

The Paddock Magazine - Putting Together an Extraordinary Show by Mathieu Roy / Les Oiseaux du Paradis

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