On behalf of the Executive Committee, we would like to invite you to the 10th World Biomaterials Congress (WBC), which will be held in Montreal May 17-22, 2016. The venue for the event is the Montreal Convention Center, located in the heart of downtown Montreal, just minutes away from historic Old Montreal.

world biomaterials congress

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For the second time, and exactly 20 years later, the WBC will be held in Canada, representing a unique occasion for Canadians to proudly host our colleagues from around the world.

A key attribute of the organizational effort for the conference is reflected by the participation of the International Biomaterials Societies. Working toward the success of this conference, on behalf of the International Union of Societies for Biomaterials Science and Engineering, is now a proud tradition of our global community. 

To close the congress, a special celebration will be organized with an amazing social evening scheduled for May 20, 2016. The event will be a dining cocktail where 4000 people will come together.

To represent Montreal and Canada’s richness of international cultures, the Executive Committee has chosen the company « Les Oiseaux du Paradis » to create a special show to mesmerize all delegates from 60 countries.


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The scale of this event is simply GRANDIOSE ! As brainstorm is well underway, the close collaboration between the team of «IS Event Solutions» and Les Oiseaux du Paradis expertise is essential… it appears like all guests will experience a glimpse of what awaits them in paradise ! 

Stay tuned for more details as the creation process moves further ahead.

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