What is a GOOD personal TRAINER ?

As accomplished athletes for decades who have traveled the world, we (Elsie & Mathieu) know how to stay in shape and heal ourselves. Having a personal trainer is certainly an important key to success.


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A very good personal trainer is someone that has not only physical knowledge and exercise training competences, but has a very wide and open view on human nature.

So many different aspects are guiding our daily behaviors and habits like the mindset, our individual beliefs, the sleeping time, the food we eat or not, etc.

An effective personal trainer needs to learn and understand the unique complexity for each person. His role is to guide through time while keeping the goals.

He acts a bit as a psychologist, sometimes as a friend (but not a close one) because when it’s time to kick your « BOODY » or push your mental boundary, he can 😉

He should look at you in over all and not just in one specific field, the actual physical shape. Your personal trainer should ask the right questions and listen carefully about what you say.

Whatever the fitness program you follow or not, improving yourself and feeling better is the ultimate goal, yes !?

Well, from our point of view, it’s even better when this person does for himself most of what he is teaching : Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk.

One of our good friends, Éric Saintonge does that.

He is a great example, at 6 years old, he started gymnastics and trained during 16 consecutive years and competed internationally with the Canadian national team. Then, he became a professional acrobat and performed with Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Éloize and the 7 fingers. He also performed at the NBA Halftime show, the NCAA Basketball Halftime show and at the famous Ellen Degeneres television program.

With his vast experience, Éric decided to become a personal trainer in 2012. He learned and received the certification CHEK Exercise Coach, which involves nutrition and lifestyle.

With his positive energy and contagious attitude, Éric has already contributed to improve over hundreds people conditions with specialized training program’s.

– In various gym’s with top of the line equipment, turf, sled, prowler and gymnastic rings;

– In the comfort of your home or online training …

… If you wish to make a change to your life, contact him right now.


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