Anne May Sirois “Cirque ÉOS Producer”

Performing internationally for the past 15 years, we (Elsie & Mathieu) have had the privilege to work with wonderful people all over the world.

Anne May Sirois, “Cirque ÉOS“producer and “Cirque Plus” owner is certainly one of them. With over 30 years in the show business industry, Anne had the chance to gain extensive experience, to learn and  to develop many different skills over the time.

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She started her circus career in 1998, working with “Cirque ÉOS” as a marketing and sales manager. Then, she followed the company as tour director and was responsible for the US administration and legal affairs relating to work permits.

In 2003, she built her own business: Cirque Plus. Negotiations/sales, artistic shows programming, bookings and tour director are some of her responsibilities.

In 2007, she booked our show “Les Oiseaux du Paradis” for the very first time, during a special and private event. Produced by Anne May, the show production was for the Annual Deutsche Bank Innovation Awards and was held at the Bridgewaters Complex in New York City. What a great memory.

Over time and after numerous show productions we did together, it’s still a real pleasure to work with her. Laughter and “joie de vivre” are parts of her soul.

Everywhere around the world, we are proud to represent her company. She is creative, efficient and truly fun to work with.

A single passion drives the souls, to make dreams live and souls fly.

Heading soon to Houston, we received an inquiry from her again to perform as team members for the company “Timing USA” which is “Cirque ÉOS” official partner and producer for engagements throughout United-States. Another opportunity and the privilege to mesmerize the guests during a private wedding celebration.

This special event is ” by invitation only” which means not opened to the general public. Hopefully we will be authorized to take few pictures during the evening and share them … Thank you again Anne and stay tuned 😉

2 thoughts on “Anne May Sirois “Cirque ÉOS Producer”

  1. Rick Currie

    I worked with Anne May when she booked comedy acts prior to 1998 and I agree with everything you said here – Joie de vivre, creative, efficient and fun to work with. She is the best!

    1. Anne May Sirois

      How nice of you Rick, thank you so much!!!
      I do hope we’ll run into each other again one of these days and if ever you make it to Quebec City, please make sure to let me know okay? XOXOXOXOX

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