CJA – HESSED annual Gala 2016

CJA and the CSUQ committees are organizing the Hessed Annual Gala 2016.

The Sephardi community Fundraiser Event will be held at  splendid The Windsor Montreal.

A Wonderful evening is awaiting. As soon as guests will walk into The Windsor entrance, prior a red carpet Valet parking, the Royal PEACOCK ALLEY touch will set the tone, with lofty ceilings, suspending rows of extravagant crystal chandeliers accentuating a historic fireplace.

Personally guided throughout  the Peacock Alley, everyone will gather and spark conversations with a sweet cocktail in the inspiring French Renaissance style decor of the gorgeous VERSAILLES BALLROOM. Lined with Corinthian columns to accent the gilded ceilings with a magnificent crystal chandelier center piece.

Then… the 5,000 square foot WINDSOR BALLROOM blends Victorian style luxury and fascinating historic details will become the perfect space for LES OISEAUX DU PARADIS to perform their outstanding Aerial Show flying 15 feet above the dazzle VIP GUESTS.

Creating a glowing success with two distinctives and elegant performances carefully set in-between the delicious meals services, all guests will surely be MESMERIZE LIKE NEVER BEFORE.

Do you have your tickets ? Book them here … Can’t wait to meet you on April 5, 2016.

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