Someone to be thankful for: Guy Thibault

Guy Thibault from Festivex QUOTE:
“Why should I get anything else when I have LES OISEAUX DU PARADIS ?”

This quote was attributed to us (Elsie & Mathieu) during LES OISEAUX DU PARADIS 15th year anniversary, at a gala for the Hellenic Community in Ottawa, on December 12, 2014. This sentence, Guy always uses it every time we work together.

Guy Thibault, owner of FESTIVEX is one of the first client we met, back in 2002. His company  is specialized in special events production throughout Canada.

In 2001, while performing at the Wintergarten Variety in Berlin, Germany, we, LES OISEAUX DU PARADIS made a new promotional video. On our way back to homeland Canada, we sent , by mail,  our new VHS cassette, to new clients… YEP at the time, that was high technology 😉

Guy was one of them. Interested by what he received, he phoned Elsie to get more information. They connected right away with laughter and warmth.

Guy is curious, interested by others, wants to understands everything so that he can give his artists the maximum adequate conditions so that they can deliver at 100%. He’s enthusiastic, team player, diplomatic, friendly and he has many more qualities… He would be the perfect guide on a road trip!

He can show extreme calmness and will control any stressful situation. Our first encounter with him was one to remember. The first time we worked together was at Le Musée des Civilisations (now the Canadian History Museum) in Gatineau. We were invited to perform at the GTEC Distinction Awards, for 500 distinguished guests.

The thing is that it expressly stipulated in our contract that no video recording/broadcast was allowed. Well, on site, we found out that the performance was not just going to be filmed but it was going to be showed simultaneously on line, to the rest of the world!

Guy managed in a diplomatic way to calm us (he really must of thought that we were crazy and out of our minds). He took the time to understand our concerns, we spoke together, we agreed, and we went ahead with the performance.

The beautiful thing after that special event, it’s that he called us back for many beautiful events at great venues amongst:

Thank you Guy for your kindness and special touch. Thanks to have introduced us in those majestic locations and amazing events!

FESTIVEX is specialized in the production of special events: a themed event, a gala, a corporate picnic or a team building activity. FESTIVEX works with artists and suppliers that are sure to dazzle you! Its creative approach, combined with years of experience, allows the firm to create custom events just for you.

You can reach Guy Thibault at E-MAIl Phone : 819.665.4396

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