LAURENCE RACINE Contortionist & Thorough Artist

As Producers & Creative Directors, we are please to present you Laurence Racine Choiniere Contortionist, dancer and beautiful actress. We know her since 1992 and she is celebrating 25 years as professional artist in show business.

Her story is not about becoming famous instantaneously on “Got TALENT” type shows that seemed to have become a trend these days…It is about being a thorough artist, growing, learning and feeding her own passions over time. She embrace challenges, successes and defeats with resilience, optimism and perseverance.

Being great or being noticed at one time is something …creating a career is much different. When we talk about being a professional artist and making a living out of show business, Laurence is certainly a person to be inspired by.

Her journey began as a kid when she studied at the Montreal National Circus school of Canada. Very early in her process, she bonded with 3 other little girls : Nadine Louis, Jinny Jessica Jacinto and Isabelle Chassé.

Well supported by their families and trainers, they started their training as contortionists’ and quickly captured the attention Guy Laliberté “Owner of Cirque du Soleil”. Soon after, the young contortionists’ joined the company and created a superb act choreographed by the famous Debra Lynne Brown.

They presented their act at the Festival du Cirque de Demain in Paris and simply won the gold medal… followed a few years later by winning the Gold Clown Award in Monaco during the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival under they eyes of Guy LalibertéPrince Rainier IIIPrince Albert and Princess Stephanie of Monaco.

In 1990, under the wings of the artistic director Franco Dragone, their contortion act was included into Cirque du Soleil new show “Nouvelle Expérience” and toured in North America performing over 350 shows a year.

They went to Japan with the “Fascination” tour and successfully opened the lucrative market of “Las Vegas” with Cirque du Soleil. A few years later, Laurence with her contortionists friends were asked to create a new act that would be integrated into the “Saltimbanco” European touring show.

As contortionist, she was always attracted by dancing, she then, spent a fair amount of time with Debra Lynne Brown, Catherine Archambault and other choreographers and highly skilled dancers to develop her dancing abilities and explore more deeply what dance was about. That brought her to perform at several prestigious events like :

  • The Summit of the America’s : for 34 Prime Ministers, Presidents and World Leaders ;
  • The American Choreography Awards in Los Angeles ;
  • The IWC Annual Gala in Geneva ;
  • ONE DROP Foundation gala evening.

Continuing her creative path, she created with François Isabelle a beautiful acrobatic Hand to Hand dancing act named “Frak & Lola” The performance was accompanied by the famous Pink Floyd music The gig in the sky.

Along the way, she was involved as assistant choreographer and play main character’s in numerous international projects like :

  • The Fibonacci Project and “La Vie” show of The 7 Fingers / Les 7 doigts de la main ;
  • Line 1, On Air and C.O.K.E Show’s of Apogee / Debra Brown ;
  • Carmina Burana with the Orlando Opera and the Detroit Opera Company ;
  • Michael Jackson: “The Immortal World Tour” from Cirque du Soleil.

A few movies appearances:

  • The Woman of Ahhs / Orson Films Production ;
  • Cat Woman / Lions Gate Productions ;
  • Van Helsing / Carpathian Pictures.

A few public and television shows:

  • MTV Hanging Out in London ;
  • Good Morning America in New York City ;
  • The Royal Variety Show in London.

A few World-Class special events:

  • Launch of Louis Vuitton newest store opening in Pekin, China ;
  • Turkish / Rixos Hotels with Cirque du Soleil special event “45 degrees” ;
  • Dubai / The International Photography Awards (HIPA) with the late Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

AND NOW… 25 years later, she came up with a new idea and created her own solo act named “Bungeemotion”.

This amazing and innovative performance involves a one-of-a-kind bungee rigging system allowing her to fly, dance and perform with elegant contortion moves like no one else. The result is simply spectacular! Everyone who witnesses this unique living piece of art is blown away.

You have an upcoming event and need a “WOW” entertainment experience? This is it !

Watch the superb promotional video below.

For booking, contact Laurence Racine Choiniere directly at : E-MAIL

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