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Beo da Silva is an extraordinary international artist and a good friend.

Back in 2002, we met during one of very first Roncalli Winter season program named : PANEN ET CIRCENSES.

It was a Rocalli’s legendaire Dinner Show in a spendid Spiegeltent (Dutch for “Mirror Tent”).

The show was directed by Lutz Weber… He brought together some of the best artists from all around the world including Molly Saudek on tight wire, the Collins brothers as a comedy act.

Beo is a multi-disciplined artist, a physical performer, singer, songwriter, actress, and aerialist.

Beo Da Silva was born in Brazil in the city of Pernambuco. She started her career as an actress and then she drifts to circus performance. After graduating from Theatre and Circus School, Beo has travelled around the globe. 

She’s been to Europe, Australia, and USA, Canada in artistic collaborations, events and venues, galleries, amongst others.

Delicate and yet intense, her work tends to seduce the spectator in a shared experience with her spontaneous presence and vibrating voice. Beo navigates from Cabaret staged work to urban interventions, arts galleries, theatre and musicals.

She participated in touring productions such as Cirque du SoleilCircus RoncallisPomp Duck and CircumstancesPalazzo cabaretWintergarten Varieté in Berlin, Friedrichsbau in Stuttgart and Apollo Varieté in Düsseldorf, and the CMA (Country Music Awards) in Nashville, USA.

Here’s a few High-Light of her career :

1995 Atrupelados

Circo Voador Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The  Circo Voador (Flying Circus) is a high importance in Rio music scene space.

It was and still is the stage for great musicians . In the 90s he welcomed circus groups that took advantage of his canvas structure as a possible alternative and place for testing .

In these meetings between musicians and circus artists borned Atrupelados. It was for each of the members a place of many exchanges and artistic maturation.

1997 Melbourne Arts festival: With the Company – AIRETED A female circus show.

1998 La Nouba / Cirque du Soleil

As a team members, she started the creation for the show.
After 9 month research, the show has his premiere in Orlando Florida, where still running until today.

2000-2008 Singing in Silk 

She introduced a new language into the aerial acrobatic world: the “Singing in Silk”, that has inspired many artists into a new category of circus performance.Beo’s wide ranging skills make her very special. Singing from the early age of 10, she developed her own style, mixing together her Brazilian background with jazz, popular folk music and cabaret.

In her work she combines different skills and dialogues with the public in any given situation. Her number « New Attitute » Has toured on Varietés and Dinner Theaters in Europe.

The We Waste Project

This project is an innovative physical theatre piece that brings to attention evidence of facts about waste. The show stared by introducing a new version of society, the survivors of an immense landfill site.

The fictional “Waste’R’us Society” is formed by those excluded from the mainstream of modern life, they have evolved within The We Waste Society. It feels like a Garbage today!

2014 ERA Uma Vez EU ! (Graphic Novel)

Launched in January, this book was the result of this process of artistic research We Waste Project.

A collaboration between four artists from different areas, a writer, an artist scene (circus, music and theater), a designer and an illustrator.

In the last year Beo has been working as Aerial Assistant Choreographer for the Friedrichstadtpalst in Berlin on their new up coming production.

2016 With over two decades of world-class experience in the circus world, she will teach at the Staatliche Artistenschule Berlin.

The Staatliche Artistenschule (State Acrobatics School Berlin) was founded in 1956.

In 1991 Staatliche Artistenschule Berlin started sharing facilities and general education curriculums with the Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin (State Ballet School of Berlin).

You can follow Beo on her blogstop


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